Blood in Stool

My aim is to provide you with information designed to help you get over your embarrassing problem. I am not medically qualified and nor do I claim to be. I am a past sufferer of this condition and having suffered from this horrible problem personally, I now wish to help others get the help they deserve.

So what causes blood in a stool? There are many reasons for this pooping blood symptom and some are more dangerous than others. If you find bright red blood on the tissue paper after going to the toilet you are likely to suffer from hemorrhoids also known as piles. If your stool is dark and tarry looking, it may mean that the blood has come from higher up in your intestines. You need to go to your doctor and make sure that all you have are piles.

He will run a number of not very pleasant but necessary tests including the fecal occult blood test to rule out all of these illnesses. You are probably going to receive a diagnosis of hemorrhoids.

Piles occur when there is increased pressure on the veins in your anus. A classic example of this pressure would be pregnancy or childbirth but it can happen if you are always straining during a bowel movement. People who suffer with constipation often have piles. You can sometimes feel them as a hard lump just inside your anus. They will itch, may get very painful and will bleed, hence the blood in stool symptom.

Internal or external hemorrhoids are easy to cure once you know how but you can spend years suffering from bleeding, itchiness and pain if you do not receive the proper advice. I found the hemorrhoidmiracle to be an excellent book full of great advice and the treatment appears to work. Just look at the various testimonials from people like you on the page.

People will tell you that following a high fiber diet will stop blood in stools but this is not exactly true. You can eat lots of fiber and still suffer from hemorrhoids.

Ask any pregnant woman if you do not believe me. We should all be eating more fruit and vegetables but a diet will not work on its own. You first need to confirm the diagnosis and then treat the problem. I have known people to sit on icepacks because of the pain hemorrhoids can cause. And it is completely unnecessary as I hope to show you here.