Little Known Cause of swollen Hands and Cold Feet

When you have cold hands and cold feet, you’ll do just about anything to warm them up. You’ll try hand warmers, foot warmers, drinking warm liquids, taking a hot shower, wearing an extra pair of socks, and possibly even consider wearing gloves during the day.

There are many medical causes for swollen hands and feet but one that is primarily known by alternative health practitioners is constipation.

You may think this is crazy, but ask any colonic hydrotherapist what are some of the symptoms of not properly eliminating those meals that you are eating, and you’ll always hear cold hands and cold feet as one of them.

This makes a lot of sense if you think about it from a standpoint of physiology. The more you pack in the food into your belly without allowing it to be eliminated, the more uncomfortable you become. You feel bloated, sluggish, and toxic. You may even have a headache.

The longer the food sits in your colon, the longer that there becomes a blockage of energy. Your energy center is in your belly and with all that extra waste there from constipation, the energy of the body becomes blocked and can’t get through to your legs and feet, resulting in cold feet. Foot warmers won’t work for long and only gives temporary relief.

Left for far too long, the waste can cause an additional blockage of energy to your upper body, too. Blockage in one part of the body will eventually affect all the other parts of the body.

The Chinese theory of acupuncture is based on this principle of energy and how blockages in one part of the body can affect other parts.

The answer to cold hands and cold feet is to develop a new perspective on colon health and eliminate waste on a regular basis after every meal. This may be easily accomplished by adding a small glass of aloe vera juice or prune juice with every meal until regularity is achieved. And the beauty of this healthy beverage addition is the elimination of cold hands and cold feet. Easy and simple!