What does Green Stool mean really

If you have green stool should you be worried? I was asking myself this question just a few short months ago when I realized I had green stool myself. My stool was not just green it was dark green and it worried me.

I’ve always had the normal color stool which is brown so when I saw the dark green stool I instantly thought to myself something was badly wrong and in a way I was right but its nothing to worry to much about. Let me explain…

After noticing I had green stool I asked a friend of mine who is a nutritionist for some advice and what he said to me was this…

When you have green poop it normally means that your body is killing off the good bacteria in your intestine and this is what os causing your poop to be green. What you need to do is to restore your good bacteria and the best way to do that is to take Bowtrol.

So what does it do exactly? Well for one it restores the good bacteria in your intestine and flushes out all the bad stuff that should not be inside you. Many people lose a lot of weight taking Bowtrol which is another good thing about this natural drug.

But what causes your body to kill your good bacteria in the first place which is making you have green stool? Well I asked the same question to my friend who is a nutritionist and he said it can be a number of different reasons but the most common reasons are having a bad diet, smoking, eating junk food, and even stress can be the cause.

That’s just the main reasons but you can look up more. The thing is you probably will never find out what is killing your good bacteria all you need to know is you can stop killing it and restore it with Bowtrol. My friend said if you keep killing your good bacteria in your body this can have cause serious health problems down the line.

So my advice is to start taking this product today and see your stool go back to its normal healthy color immediately. And as a added benefit you will even lose some extra pounds like I did. Once my friend advised that I start taking the product I did not hesitate and I got myself a bottle.

This is what happened to me…

After 1 week of taking the pills my green stool went back to its normal healthy brown color and after 1 month of taking the pills not only had I lost over 1 stone in weight (I’m Big So You Might Not Lose As Much) and I now feel great.

You have a 30 day money back guarantee and you can even get a free trial so you have nothing to lose.